And we know how!

4Source procures electronic components based on concrete customer orders – regardless of the quantity and manu­facturer, immediately or on demand.

And we know where!

Thanks to our international network, we can locate even hard-to-procure or already allocated components on the world markets.

And we know when!

4Source will support you strategically in covering and securing your parts supplies over the long term, incl. obsolescence management

Special procurement in case of acute bottlenecks, strategically covering your long-term needs

Clever procurement solutions for electronic components

4Source combines traditional and alternative procurement pathways for electronics components, becoming your gateway to the markets of the world. Because even the best purchasing strategy cannot offer absolute security of supply: problems with a manufacturer or along the supply chain, whether because of force majeure or shifts in global markets, are a real danger to ongoing production.

As an “emergency components service”, 4Source is able to exert its strengths as an independent, globally networked distributor to the fullest. Thanks to structured, worldwide special research, we are able to achieve above-average search success with the shortest possible turnaround time, even for parts that currently cannot be procured via traditional distribution channels.

The 4Source guarantee: all research and information services will always be free for you.

Special procurement

Rapid alternative solutions to cover your acute parts needs


Strategically securing and covering your long-term parts needs.

Warehouse management

Evaluate and capitalise on excess stocks: acquisition, marketing, commission.

Three ways to reach your goal


Securing availability: reliably keeping an eye on critical components.

All-round service

All relevant services relating to your procurement tasks from a single source.

Quality management – the number 1 topic at 4Source

Use of the most modern technology in quality assurance

To minimise residual risks, as a certified distributor, we exploit all means of quality assurance: on the initial basis of our complex rating and ranking system for suppliers, we give preference to sources with an unbroken certificate of origin (CoC) and institute technical controls that every component we deal has to be put through.

Thus, goods receipt checks are oriented by the strict American IDEA standard, which prescribes a complex system of cascading checks to exclude all conceivable sources of faults.

QA technology overview

4Source has exemplary technical equipment in its warehousing and logistics areas, guaranteeing professional and rapid component inspections and order handling.

Find out more about the QA technology we use right now.


Digital microscopy for counterfeit detection

X-ray inspection

Internal component inspections using X-rays


Intensive monitoring of the whole goods handling process


Merchandise management, warehouses and logistics are fully ESD-protected

Brief insight into the quality assurance department

4Source virtues: openness and customer-oriented transparency

4Source is neither a classical chip broker nor a normal distributor.

What distinguishes us from a classical chip broker is that we understand our engagement in special procurement as a constructive aid to solving your procurement bottlenecks, not as an emergency that we can exploit to achieve excessive profits.

What sets us apart from normal distributors is that we act freely and independently of all manufacturers – meaning the whole world market is open to us.

“We calculate fairly, communicate transparently and make no empty promises – we give our word.”

People are key, and the task to be solved is the focus of all activities.

Why not see it with your own eyes? Taking a look behind the scenes will give you clear insight into our multiply certified processes. Request an audit


Free distribution means: independent of quantity and manufacturer


The 4Source company history

Code of conduct

Code of conduct